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Mindful Thought


We’re focusing on being mindful of our thoughts and how our thoughts impact our lives. This week, we are being mindful just by becoming aware of that mental chatter.

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Communication: More than Just Words

Communication: More than Just Words

Did you know that words account for less than 10% of our communication, and that more than half of our communication is body language and tone of voice? It is an important sign of integrity when we are congruent in our different aspects of communication. It is also important to know that while words constitute only 10% of our total communication, they are very important in conveying your true feelings.

In previous articles we have talked about internal dialogues and our thinking process. That is communication with ourselves, of course what we tell ourselves is important to our health, however what is just as important is our relationships with others. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your communication with others, and how it may directly or indirectly affect your state of your relationships.

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