5 Fun Fitness Dates

5 Fun Fitness Dates

Exercise can seem like a chore, but that generally is about our perception of what exercise has to look like. If we see exercise as a chore or something that "has to be done" then it just becomes work. However, if we see it as an opportunity to get out and do something fun and active, it could be a whole different story.

A great way to promote fitness with your partner or spouse is to make it fun and romantic. Our society has largely forgotten how to play, and everything has acquired a heaviness. Romance and play not only enhance the fitness activity itself, but also enhance the relationship. Here are five ways to make exercise fun with a fitness buddy.

Romantic Hike

Walking or even hiking is a great way to get active and adventurous in a fun way. Create a little competition with healthy rewards. Create interval training games during the hike along the way to make it more interesting and challenging. Find different places to explore to keep variety. These are all the ways to get a good workout in by simply using your legs and nature as your obstacle course.

Get to the Great Outdoors

If you two are an adventurists, then you might try outdoor activities such as rock climbing or mountain biking. Most cities have parks, or trails for biking and while not as many places are likely to have great rocks to climb, there are plenty of indoor climbing facilities that will give you the same burn as the rock outside. If you are turned on by a little competition, make a sexy wager with your partner about who can get to the top of the wall, the quickest or who will finish the trail in first place. Then make sure the loser fulfills on that wager later on that same evening!

Partner Yoga

For those couples who prefer some Zen in their life, partner yoga is a wonderful way to increase flexibility and strength together. Try Vinyasa flow, Anusara yoga or Asthanga yoga for the greatest sweat factor. However, let the practice not be about the sweat, but about the breath, body, and emotional awareness. Developing this type of awareness will give you both great clarity, and will enhance the relationship physically and emotionally. With more clarity, awareness, and less stress you will enjoy each other in a way that you may never have without a great yoga practice.

Dance Class or Lessons

Dance of all styles is a great way to burn off calories, and for couples ballroom dance gives you the dual benefit of the romance and the workout. When most people think of ballroom, they think formal styles like the Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Rumba; however Latin styles such as salsa, samba, cha cha, swing, and others are included in this category. There are the less formal styles of dance such as Chicago stepping, Bachata, and Two Step that will melt calories and trim the waistline as well. It may be that you simply go on a night on the town and dance some reggae or hip hop. Try many styles and decide which of the styles suits you as a couple, then create a date night for dance.


You didn’t think I would really leave this out, did you? Sex is as physical of an activity as walking, and can get fairly fun and creative is allowed. Thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories; while that may sound like a low number, it adds up quickly. 42 half hour sessions can burn 3,570 calories which is enough to lose a pound. Sex also relieves stress and boosts immunity. So, get to work couples! Make safe sex a regular part of your workout routine! Remember the foreplay (but don’t count that towards the 30 minutes if you are counting calories :)

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