5 Fun Fitness Ideas You Can Do with Groups

5 Fun Fitness Ideas You Can Do with Groups

Exercise can seem like a chore, but that generally is about our perception of what exercise has to look like. If we see exercise as a chore or something that “has to be done” then it just becomes work. However, if we see it as an opportunity to get out and do something fun and active, it could be a whole different story. Joining a group is a great way to make exercise more enjoyable. Groups bring a social element to exercise, yet there is still an accountability component that keeps you motivated in group settings. Here are several ways to get involved with fun exercise in a group setting.

Dance classes

Dance classes are a great way to bring fun into a small, medium or large group and burn significant calories. Genres like hip hop, modern, pole dance, bellydance, and even ballroom styles bring the attitude and intention to movement. As well, you don’t have to always go to a studio to take classes. If you find it difficult to find a studio, consider hiring an instructor to come into your home and hold semi-privates with a group. It is just as fun and effective and in fact more intimate.


If you are looking for a low impact workout, yoga and pilates are for your. Don’t mistake the low impact for low intensity, depending on the style of yoga and pilates your choose, it can be quite a workout. Particularly with yoga, vinyasa or movement style yogas tend to keep the body moving and the calories burning. Both styles increase strength and flexibility and focus on core building through their distinct methods. Find a studio near you, or call a yoga instructor into your home. Either way, it’s another way to bring interesting twist to group exercise.

League sports

Are you up for a little fun competition? If so, join a sports league. There are a variety of leagues from volleyball to softball and flag football. There are even Dodge ball and Kick ball leagues. Worry not about your ability, for most of these types of leagues have all levels of play. The easiest way to find a league near you is to search on the web. A great website to start is www.meetup.com. You will find like interest meetups in all genres and especially sports.

Boot camps

Just as obstacle courses are becoming more and more popular, so are boot camps? Boot camps held outside provide interval training exercise in a natural environment. Boot camps inside provide structure in training where otherwise might be challenged or lost. Either way, boot camps instill a sense of team in the group participating. In exercise boot camps, the team gains a sense of accomplishment when everyone succeeds. In addition, the leader helps keep the group accountable for their goals. If you want accountability, intensity, variety and fun search and join a boot camp in your area.

Like-Interest Exercise Groups

If you are attracted to a particular type of exercise and are finding it hard to stay motivated, join a group doing the same thing. Whatever your interest, there is likely to be a group for you. A way to take that challenge to the next level is to sign your group up for a race or competition. You may be in a running group and sign up for a triathlon, or you may be in a martial arts group and sign up for a tournament. Whatever the case, create a whole game out of the training for such an event, and create a team that supports you in your endeavor.

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