5 Fun Ways to Romance Your Partner

5 Fun Ways to Romance Your Partner

One of the best ways to ignite or reignite relationship is to invite fun and play into your relationship on a daily basis. Sometimes when we get weighed down with the responsibility and ‘busy-ness’ of life, children, work, that we forget to put fun into our lives. Fun, uniqueness, and romance can be simple to add into the daily routine with conscious thought. Here are 5 fun ways to romance your partner whether you are a man or woman doing the romancing.

A night in Romantic Rome (without leaving home)

Decorate your home like a restaurant in Rome Italy (or your partner's favorite country). Make it completely corny. Enroll one or two of your friends to be waiters and hostesses. Find music to match the theme. Cook a meal consistent with the theme that you have chosen. Then pick your sweetie up from work and escort him/her to your specialty restaurant. Have the meal, and even dance the night away.

Treasure Map

Create a treasure map for your loved one and leave it (along with a single rose) in the drivers seat of his/her car at work (this will require you making a trip to their job without their knowledge and having access). Leave little clues throughout the city that will lead her/him to a special place of meaning for the both of you. Create a special prize for your sweetie for when they arrive, and if the destination is not a restaurant, have a meal ready for him/her and spend a romantic evening.

Get Dressed Up for a Good Cause

Choose the charity of your choice and volunteer for a fundraiser formal for an evening. Have dinner all dressed up prior to arriving, then arrive in style together. Flirt with each other throughout the night. Alternatively, you could arrive separately and pretend to not know each other. Role play is not only fun, it can be very sensual. Plan your character in detail in advanced but don’t tell the other. Meet and court each other throughout the night. It will make going home together that much more fun!

Honor the kid in you! Plan a fun day of play.

Include activities like go carting, laser tag, paintball and indoor gaming. Create a little competition between the two of you and an end of the day prize for the winner. Perhaps even create an ongoing game such that there are mini prizes for winning day games, and then a grand prize for the most wins in the month!

Weekend in the City

When it’s too busy (or too expensive) to get away for the weekend, try a stay-cation in the city. Stay-cations in the city are great ways to feel like a tourist without leaving your own back yard (or spending a lot of money). If you have children, negotiate a trade with one of your friends with children (they watch your children for the weekend, you repay them the favor later). Spend your weekend dancing and romancing each night away.

One common factor in successful relationships is the incorporation of fun and play into the relationship on a daily basis. It builds connection, diffuses stress, and increases intimacy over the long run.

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