5 Reasons to Give Your Sweetie a Night Out With Friends

5 Reasons to Give Your Sweetie a Night Out With Friends

One of the best ways to ignite or reignite relationship is to invite in fun and play. While mostly we think of bringing fun and play into the relationship, we sometimes forget that fun and play can include sending our sweetie out for fun night with friends. Here are 5 reasons to send your guy or gal out for a night of fun with friends.

They get a sense of freedom

Whether you are simply dating or have a full fledged family complete with children, sometimes we get so engrossed in the relationship that our normal patterns of being with people other than our significant other can change. Routine ensues, and before you know it, months have gone by sense either of you have had the opportunity to do something other than be with each other (or the family). Sending your sweetie out for a girls (or guys) night out can give your partner a sense of freedom from the daily routine. When they get that sense of freedom, they can come back feeling refreshed and ready to be with you in an even more passionate way.

They get to bond with their friends

Time and time again we have emphasized the importance of socialization and bonding. Emotionally, it gives a sense of empowerment and even confidence to be able bond with your own set of friends. This also fosters a sense of autonomy which again leaves them with an empowered sense of freedom and peace of mind.

They feel supported in their autonomy

What’s just as important as having a sense of autonomy and freedom is feeling supported by your partner in maintaining that autonomy. A partner that is supported is more likely to be supportive.

You get a free night

You too can benefit from sending your sweetie out on a night with friends. You can either have a fun night of your own, or take the time for quiet and rest. It’s a great time to draw a nice hot bath with music and candles and relax, or just hang out on the couch and watch a good movie with a good meal and dessert. Capitalize on your partner’s night out by creating a night of your own.

It fosters more intimacy between the two of you

Ultimately, what this all boils down to is creating further intimacy for the two of you. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you are able to regularly able to support your partner (and they support you) and getting out with friends for fun once and awhile, you appreciate each other more, and deepen the connection between you. Sometimes, just by seeing (or hearing) the trials and tribulations of other couples (things you may not experience) you come to appreciate what you have in your own life, and the health of your own relationship.

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