6 Fun Ways to Keep the Family Active

6 Fun Ways to Keep the Family Active

Exercise can seem like a chore, but that generally is about our perception of what exercise has to look like. If we see exercise as a chore or something that "has to be done" then it just becomes work. However, if we see it as an opportunity to get out and do something fun and active, it could be a whole different story.

Adult obesity is an epidemic and what's worse, childhood obesity is becoming one with numbers of chronic diseases due to obesity increasing in children each day. As parents, teachers, aunts, uncles we must be examples to our children in order to keep them active and prevent this epidemic from worsening. One way to do this is to make fitness a part of the family lifestyle. Here are 5 great ways to do this:

1. Day at the Park

Take your children to the park and let them run and play for a few hours each week. There are many active family games that can be played such as Frisbee, soccer, tag football, and even kickball. The idea is to be involved with the activity and have fun!

2. Batting Cage

Taking the classic American past-time and making it a family affair can be a more than satisfying endeavor.  Not only are you burning calories with the family, but you are enhancing hand eye coordination as well. What makes the batting cage more fun is creating a little competition and keeping score. Split the family up in teams and compete to see who hits the most balls in the cage. Then create a little prize for the winners and fun dares for the loser.

3. Gymnastics Center

Similar to obstacle courses, gymnastic centers have multiple components to them that make them challenging yet fun for all ages. Children and adolescents are naturally inclined athletes and tumblers. Do you remember as a child flipping off playground bars, or doing "round-off's." You might even remember seeing some of your friends doing back handsprings across the lawn and walking on their hands…maybe you were that child. Gymnastics centers give your family the opportunity to do what comes naturally to them. It also gives you an opportunity to return to youth and try some of your own tumble moves. Just remember, if you as an adult are visiting a gymnastics center with your children, have someone spot you when doing challenging moves.

4. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a great way to combine a little fun competition with a little cardiovascular activity. You can split the family into teams, and invite another families to come along as the competition. Laser tag is a great team building experience for the family and especially for the children when you go in as a full team playing against other teams. This is the time for you to be an example of what working together looks like in a healthy manner.

5. Bike Trail

When the weather is beautiful on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, take the children out on a bike trail. Enjoy the scenery of green trees, the smell of fresh flowers and the sounds of other children enjoying their rides as much as your children. Finally, feel the sense of accomplishment when you realize that you've biked 10-12 miles without even realizing it because you were having so much fun along the way.

6. Swimming

With the summer fast approaching, it's only natural that the children will want to splash around in the pool. Make a family affair of it. Take the kids to the neighborhood pool or the YMCA and play some water sports. Again, this is a time to invite and involve other families to join in the fun. If your children cannot yet swim, enrolling them in swimming lessons will give them the confidence they need to become fish in the water.

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