Breaking Down FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real


Fear is an emotion that stops, even paralyzes many people in their lives. Whether it’s an overt fear or a subtle manifestation, the power and magnitude that we give fear over our lives can leave us feeling constrained, frustrated, and unfulfilled. However, when you breakdown the word fear, all it really is, is False Evidence Appearing Real. Let’s take a closer look:


Now when I speak of false, I’m not talking about the circumstances which cause our fear. Those circumstances may be so. For example, if you are trying to buy a car, but your credit is not the best, then that is the circumstance. You are trying to buy a car with less than A-1 credit. However, you might then make up that because of your less than perfect credit that you will not qualify for a car at all. That fear of being rejected buy a loan agent or car dealership, may have you not even apply at all. So it’s the false view (or opinion) of the circumstance that can drive the fear based action (or inaction).


Now, as we look at evidence, let’s look closely at what I’m talking about. The evidence is all of the past results of similar cases (either of your or someone you know) that you pile on as evidence that your false view of a particular circumstance is real. Let’s look at the car example again: You may have had a friend with less than perfect credit get turned down for a car; you yourself may have been turned down once before for a car; someone may have told you that you won’t qualify for a car. All of this we might say is evidence for your not taking action because it’s not going to happen anyway. However, the truth is that all of that happened in the past…and that does not mean that it will automatically happen that way again. That has nothing to do with what will happen or what you can create in your future.


Now some of you are saying, ”well, you have to learn from the past” or you might be saying, “I’ve tried it several times before, and this is what happened. So, obviously, that is just the way it is.” Well, that may be true, but consider that it’s really not true. Consider that it’s just the false view and evidence from the past causing things to appear a certain way. Have you ever heard the saying “things aren’t always the way they seem?” Consider that our view makes things seem (or appear) a certain way, and we act based on that rather than creating a new way to be around that situation.


I just had you consider that it’s a false view and evidence from the past causing things to appear a certain way. What is that certain way? It appears as reality. It’s like you put a pair of rose colored glasses on, and at first everything looks rosy, correct? Then after a while, you get used to the rose colored glasses and it just becomes what’s so. “The world is Rose Colored” is just the way it is for you…it’s your reality .. your view. Now if you were to take the rose colored glasses off, suddenly you would have a new view. So consider that what you are thinking to be real about your situation (whatever that may be) is only your view about the situation. Again, the circumstances are the circumstances. But how you react to the circumstances may be based on this False Evidence Appearing Real.

Now of course, you might say that this whole article is just my view. And it is, however it is an empowering view, and once we recognize the power that we hand over to fear, we can take it back. Once we get that what’s really happening is False Evidence is Appearing Real to us, we can let that go and be confident and take courageous actions to fulfill in whatever matter it is that is important to us.

Part of wellness involves our state of mind. That state of mind affects our state of being. It all starts with awareness! Become aware of not only what you are putting in your body, but what you are letting creep into you mind. Know that change is a process. Once you know where you are, its easier to know where to go. With internal change comes balance, with balance comes healing, with healing comes improved quality of life.

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F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real
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Sunday, 17 February 2019
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