How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Easily, Simply and Naturally

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Easily, Simply and Naturally


I learned this tip on a TV program some time ago! You take a lemon and you don't have to use a whole lemon, unless it's going. So if you've already squeezed the lemon, used it in tea, etc. .. it's the rind you want. Simply drop the rind into your garbage disposal, turn your water on, then turn your garbage disposal on. You'll know when the rind is completely finished because it will no longer be making a rumbling sound, but will sound more smooth and you'll have a fresh lemon aroma, as well. It's the acids form the lemon and the rind that get rid of all that crud, build up and aroma from all the other foods you put down the garbage disposal.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019
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