The Union of Play & Activity

The Union of Play & Activity

It is not uncommon that to get so bogged down in responsibility, that we forget to incorporate play and fun into our lives. The benefits of play in adults are similar to those in children. Incorporating regular play into daily life increases energy, decreases stress, improves memory, focus, learning, and over all brain function. In addition, play fosters connection and intimacy thereby benefiting the relationships in our lives. If there are so many benefits of play, why is regularly neglected in adults. The likely answer is that as adults we get caught up in the “busy-ness” of life, and simply forget to put the fun in along the way.

Putting play into life doesn’t always mean you have to stop what you are doing and play some silly game; it also doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to plan some extravagant activity (although you can do that once in awhile to treat yourself). You can insert play into every aspect of you life an in every moment. Here are some great ways to incorporate fun and play throughout the day.

  1. Have a Joke of the day – The benefits of laughter are clear in research. Laughter decreases stress, decreases cortisol and epinephrine. Create a game (with your friends, family, or in the office) for a different person to come up with the funniest joke. It will keep you in stitches, and it will keep you healthy.
  2. Get Fit Gaming – Whether indoors or outdoors, a little gaming can bring a lot of fun and vitality into your week! Try paintball or laser tag as a group gaming sport. If it’s a rainy day, go bowling or even get on the Wii. You can even burn a few fun calories playing air hockey or foosball.
  3. League sports – Are you up for a little fun competition? If so, join a sports league. There are a variety of leagues from volleyball to softball and flag football. There are even Dodge ball and Kick ball leagues. Worry not about your ability, for most of these types of leagues have all levels of play. The easiest way to find a league near you is to search on the web. A great website to start is You will find like interest meetups in all genres and especially sports.
  4. Go Dancing! – Dancing is always a great way to bring fun to a group. Have a house party or go to your favorite dance social. If you are new to dance, it may be fun to take a dance class. The gaming systems Wii and Playstation also have great dance games that keep you laughing and moving for hours on end. Whatever your outlet, get to moving and shaking with some friends, and feel the stress melt away.
  5. Karaoke! For some this may seem daunting, but a great way to be fully self expressed is by getting up on stage and belting out your favorite song. Whether or not you can sing is not the point. The point is that you (and your friends) have a good time freeing yourself from the constraints of whatever you repress or suppress throughout the day. Go online and find a karaoke bar that plays your favorite songs, then schedule a night out on stage.

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