What is the code that the unconscious mind abides by to protect our body, to protect our space, and to come up with resolutions?

There are 20 prime directives. Let's start with them:

#1 The unconscious mind provides the coordination for the storage of memories.

Research as far back as 1957 indicates that everything that happens is recorded faithfully and stored in the memory.

In 1960, Carl Pribram won the Nobel Prize for his theory that expanded the place of storage of memories from the brain to every cell in the entire body. This means that the unconscious mind that's actually responsible for the coordination of stories. And for access to those memories, we talk about muscle memory.

Once you discover something, is locked inside of your neurology, it's locked inside of the system. It's locked inside of the the muscles. For example: Riding a bike.

#2 The unconscious mind organizes all the memories which are stored in the nervous system 

It uses little indexes to point to the stored memories and allows you to be able to access them when you need them. That way, when we are triggered in the present, we are presented by a chain based on different categories.

Even when we think we don't remember, our unconscious mind has everything stored, so present emotions are link to past emotions, and therefore past memories.

Due to this, it's also important to recognize that sometimes the things that we're reacting to in the present are not the actual things that we're reacting to, but the triggered past emotions. For example: The smell of grandma's cookies.

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