Healing & The Journey of Entrepreneurship w-Dr. Errin Weisman.mp3

This week next level physician entrepreneur, owner of Truth Prescriptions Dr. Errin Weisman and I took the conversation to another level as we conversed about the journey. 

Highlights from the conversation: 

- Dr. Errin shares her journey of going from full time physician to physician coach 

- In the journey to healing, Dr. Weisman sought out a coach 

- The coached not only provided healing, but also provided inspiration for the next direction 

- It brought us to the point that coaches need coaches to continue their development 

- Dr. Errin started her coaching business out of realizing that there was something more she was passionate about 

- Since then she has started a podcast and Physician Coach Alliance and is passionate about bringing together communities of like minds 

- It's important to find that healing within and sometimes that requires outside support 

Listen to Dr. Weisman's podcast "Doctor Me First" 

Check Dr. Weisman's coaching programs and mastermind out on her website: www.truthrxs.com 

If you are a physician coach, and are looking for like minds to connect with check out the Physician Coaching Alliance at the https://www.physiciancoachingalliance.com/ 

You can also follow Dr. Weisman on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/truthrxs 

Instagram: @truthrxs 

Youtube: Errin Weisman DO 

Website: www.truthrxs.com 

Podcast: Doctor Me First 

See you on the next one! 

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