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This week next level entrepreneur and therapist Cerita Ibrahim and I took the conversation to another level as we had a special conversation about managing our fear during this heightened emotional time during the Coronavirus crisis.

Highlights from the conversation:

- During this time, emotions are high... fear is high-Inquiry: Can our Fear influence the outcome?

- We break down the linguistics of fear and it's impact on the brain

- When we look at the language that fear creates, and the behavior that language influences, we begin to act in ways that influence the world arounds us

- Fear also has an impact on the body. 

We discussed the mind body connection and fear's impact on the body's sympathetic & parasympathetic system, as well as the cortisol cascade and our neurotransmitter. Ultimately sustained fear from stress actually weakens our immune system making more people susceptible to the spread. This is why it's important to tamper the fear. Action is important (i.e. containment and social distancing as a strategy for stopping the spread), AND we must be mindful to remember that it is a strategy not a fear tactic.

Shout out and Sending much love to all the front-line workers (my physician colleagues, nurse practitioners, PA's, pharmacists, and all of those who are out there on the ground interfacing with patients). 

"This too shall pass"

During this intense time, action is a must. Wash your hands, wipe down everything, avoid non-essential travel, and if you are symptomatic, stay home. However, be mindful of your fear.

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