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This week next level physician entrepreneur, and medical doctor, Dr. AndreĆ© LeRoy and I took the conversation to another level as we conversed about Leveraging Your Intuition to 10X Your Results. 

Highlights from the conversation:

- Sometimes physicians and medical professionals are afraid to step too far outside the box for fear of how they will be seen

- Dr. LeRoy was first exposed as a child to energy work. Raised in a Carribean family with Jamaican and Haitian background 

- Dad's side was more intuitive and Mom's side was more traditional medicine

- She saw that there was a lot of disagreement between the disciplines but both have healing aspects

- She became massage therapist and was always interested in integrative but felt she had to set that part of herself aside to become a traditional physician.

- The importance of following intuition and how it has led her down the path to her calling

Shared the time where not following intuition and it cost her $7500

- Shared a time where following intuition has led to her growth and expansion

- Stop pushing your expanded gifts to the side

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