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This week next level entrepreneur, and son of a physician, Mr. Brandon "the Network King" Alexander and I chatted about the Art of Networking this episode.

Highlights from the conversation:

-Networking is all about having a conversation

-Sometimes as introverts, we steer away from networking b/c it feels overwhelming or like it will be draining, but with specific intention, you can avoid that feeling

-The key is setting an intention and a strategy before the networking event

-Many times we are so in our heads about saying the wrong thing, we forget that everyone else is likely feeling the same way. 

-Taking action is the only way to overcome the inertia 

-Taking action can be as simple as saying "hi" and making some small talk to break the ice

-Focus on commonalities in the beginning to get related

-Get to the point, and invite them to connect outside the event. 

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See you on the next one!