Are there any natural treatments for fibroids?


I have treated many women naturally for fibroids and here is primarily what we focus on. The first thing we do is look at the diet. Are you eating a lot of meats that are pumped with hormones? That can definitely contribute to the fibroids because the fibroids, basically, are tumors of the uterus of the womb that are sensitive to hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. So if you are eating a lot of meats that are not organic in nature, they likely have hormones, pesticides and antibiotics which are inflammatory in nature and can be contributing to your fibroids. If not eliminating those meats altogether, buy organic meats only. I personally recommend getting rid of all meats except fish that are wild and not farm raised.

The second thing we look at is how much fast food, fried food or other inflammatory foods are you eating? Again, these tumors are the result of an inflammatory process of the body. If you are eating a bunch of inflammatory foods, then you are propagating the growth of the tumor itself. So the second thing we do is eliminate not only meat, but also all inflammatory foods from the body. You can see a list of inflammatory foods by taking a look at my book, Eat Your Disease Away, which is available at You can also read a couple of excerpts by going directly to my website at

The third thing we do is look at your stress levels. Many of the women that I treat who have fibroids are typically working women, high stress, single mothers, who are running around in life not taking time for themselves, not taking any meditation or down time. So you really want to start to look at what you are doing to find that level of stillness in your life.

I recommend 30 minutes a day of complete you time. Whether it's listening to music, or just lying in total silence. This does not mean 30 minutes of going to do other mommy work, or entrepreneurial work time. This means 30 minutes of total silence a day. You can actually increase this eventually to 60, 90 minutes and you'll gain appreciation for actually taking time for yourself. And this is a way to diminish or decrease the levels of stress that you experience in your working life every day.

The last thing is that we take a look at the hormones in the body. Sometimes we find that women with fibroids tend to be what we call estrogen dominate. What that means is that the amount of estrogen that they are producing in their body in relation to progesterone is off. Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. So once we clean up the diet, once we eliminate the meats and the unhealthy foods, diminish the stress, then we actually look at the hormones. If the hormones are imbalanced, there are a couple of thing that we can do.

I often use acupuncture as method to balance hormones in my practice, so acupuncture is a valid way to begin to treat fibroids. Another way is to do bioidentical hormones. We raise the level of progesterone in relation to estrogen and that actually helps as well. Of course, I always recommend seeing a medical professional, or a holistic professional, so that you can get a full consultation, and know what's behind the fibroids, rather than trying to be your own doctor at home.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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