Dealing with Your Money Mindset

Dealing with Your Money Mindset

Most of us have an unconscious conversation about money that drives our behavior. For some people it's "Money flows freely and easily into my bank account." However, for many people that conversation consists of statements like, "times are hard," "money doesn't grow on trees," or "I can't afford it." Scarcity thoughts such as these could create a magnet for what you are attracting in your life financially.

It's time that we as a community become aware of our money mindset, and rid ourselves of scarcity mentality. When you create the mindset consistent with abundance & prosperity, the universe will follow. Here are some ways to begin shifting your financial consciousness and karma.

Create new thoughts

It may go without saying for some, but the first step in shifting your financial consciousness and karma is by creating new thoughts to replace the old negative ones. You may create affirmations such as "I receive everything I need and more each day" or "I am grateful for a financially secure and free life." Another great affirmation could be, "I am constantly making financially wise choices that are moving me towards financial freedom."

These statements are essential to memorize and practice saying out loud, because your brain will often default to it's automatic state, and when you catch yourself (and you will), you will automatically have a countering declaration that will shift your consciousness to creation rather than lack.

Have an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most valuable tools in life and especially when it comes to abundance – be it financial, community, or other. When we thank the universe (and our Higher Power) for the gifts that we already have and the gifts that we know are on their way, we give permission to the universe to manifest them for us. What better way to receive all blessings than in a space of gratitude rather than a space of desperation - or worse entitlement.

When you stay in a space of gratitude, not only can you see new pathways for abundance, but you gain a sense of peace and happiness for what is already there for you. A daily practice to take on is to write down three things each day that you are grateful for (either first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to sleep).

Be open to receive

Many people are probably saying, "I am open to receiving, I'm just not getting anything." If this is you, you might consider how open you really are. For instance, do you receive compliments easily? If someone offers to carry something that is heavy or open a door for you, do you allow it and say thank you (I'm talking to ladies in particular here)? If someone offers to help you with a project (men this may apply to you too), do you accept their offer or try to take it all on yourself. These are just a few areas to look at when assessing whether you are truly open to receive or not. If we keep our eyes closed tight, we will never see the beautiful light of the sun. If we keep our hearts shut down, we never experience the passion of love. If we keep our hands closed tight, we won't receive the gifts of abundance that are waiting for us.


It's funny, because I used to have such a reaction to this word "tithe." For me, having grown up in the Old South, it had such negative connotations because of the context that I held the word. However, as I've matured both emotionally and spiritually, I have come to understand that tithing is simply being a contribution to someone others. Now, sure tithing does have a biblical context associated with it, however that is just ONE context for this word to be held. They key here is not getting caught up in the context but keeping the spirit or principle of the word "Tithe."

Giving and receiving are a balance - like the ancient Yin and Yang. One cannot exist without the other. If the sun never set and was always bright, we might never get to sleep. Similarly, if we are always holding on to what we are striving to manifest more of, we are not creating the karma of receiving rather instead we are creating the karma of lack. So, tithing may look like giving $50 a week to your church or place of spiritual practice. It may look like giving $25 a week to your favorite charity. It may also look like buying dinner for a person or family that you know is not able to afford it, or taking them grocery shopping. The point is, the outflow of money with the intention of being a contribution (and not "in order to get something") creates the karma of influx of abundance.
Having a healthy relationship to money is a very important aspect well-being and fulfillment. If you take these as a daily practices, you will see results begin to happen in your life. It may start with little blessings, like saving money on a bill or catching a great sale. Soon, it may graduate to having a little extra money show up out of nowhere or unexpectedly. Finally, you will find that money will flow to you in ways you couldn't imagine, simply because you are shifting your mindset, being willing to receive, having an attitude of gratitude, and contributing to others.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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