F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real


We’re focusing on being mindful of how our thoughts impact our lives. And this week we’re focusing on fear. Now, an acronym that I often use for fear is “false evidence appearing real.” Let’s break down that acronym.

The “F” is for “false.” Many times when something is happening that’s triggering our fear, it’s our false view of that thing that increases and magnifies that power that that fear has over our lives. Then there are things that happen after that that we take as evidence for the false view that is occurring causing our fear to be magnified over and over again. Now we look at the appearance of that, and of course when you have a false view and you’re building evidence, well that’s going to appear a certain way. And generally to us it appears like it’s reality. So we have this false view, and then we have thing that’s happening that’s building up this evidence towards our false view that causes it to appear real. And when we really get that fear is really false evidence appearing real, it can take away the power of that fear, and we can really act in spite of that fear.

It doesn’t mean that your fear is going to go away. Fear happens. We’re human beings having the human experience. So of course there is going to be fear in our lives. But when we really get what fear really is, it’s just a physical manifestation of false evidence appearing real, then we can act in spite of that and really be powerful in the face of our fear.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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