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We’re focusing on making fitness fun. And this month your challenge is to create a fun fitness date with your spouse or your significant other.

Now earlier in the month we talked about the value of having an accountability partner, but what if that accountability partner could be your spouse or your significant other? Not only would it give you a little bit more time together, but you could even create something fun and romantic. Your partner can really stand for what you really want in the realm of fitness, and you can hold your partner accountable to their goals as well. It’s a great way for you all to be a contribution to each other.

My recommendation is for you to sit down together and each of you make a list of the things that you either would like to try or have already tried that you’d like to do again. Be adventurous. Then compare your lists and choose the top ten things that you agree on as activities that you will put on the calendar as fun fitness dates. Then, place one activity per week on the calendar and really just get to work. Not only will this bring some fun and maybe a little romance to your fitness, it’s an easy way to build accountability right in your household.

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Sunday, 19 May 2019
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