Making a Spring Kale Salad


Today we have a great recipe for you. I have to tell you I love kale. But for so long I never liked to eat kale raw because I thought it’s so potent, it’s so hard to chew, and I didn’t realize it was so easy to make a kale salad. Today, we’re going make a springy kale salad with a lovely citrus dressing.

The secret to getting the kale from this hard, very tough existence into an edible salad is rubbing it. All you do is you rub the kale with a little sea salt. What it does is it helps it begin to wilt. It happens quickly. Some people will rub the kale and they’ll let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. But I find you don’t even have to wait that long. You don’t want it to over-wilt. I like some of the crispness of the kale.

We have a couple of other ingredients that we’re going to add - some organic grape tomatoes, an avocado, some pine nuts, and some pre-soaked golden raisins and dry cherries. Usually I like for these to soak for about an hour prior to the recipe. If you soak them for even longer, then they would get fully plump as if they were never dehydrated in the first place, like they were grapes or cherries. I just cut the tomatoes right in half and toss them right into the salad.

The nice thing about grape tomatoes is that, number one, they’re easy to cut. But number two, the acidity of tomatoes can actually make a salad wilt a lot faster. But when you have a grape tomato and you’re putting it on the salad, as you can see, this acid part is contained within the hull. So you can actually throw grape tomatoes in and that acid doesn’t seep out into the salad itself. So this is a great way to pre-make a salad. This is salad is going to be my lunch or dinner for this week. So I’m just going to go ahead and take care of all these little grape tomatoes.

The next thing I’m going to do is cut this avocado in half. Usually it can be a little challenging to get the seed out, but this is so ripe I might even just be able to pop it out. And then I’m just going to cut it. It doesn’t have to be a fine cut.

Now we’ll add a few of our soaked raisins and cherries. What that does is it gives it sort of a nice little sweet surprise in there. I’ve said many times in my previous episodes that I have a major sweet tooth. Just imagine you’re chewing, you’ve got the kale, you’ve got the creamy avocado, and then you bit into this juicy, sweet raisin or cherry. Just very, very yummy.

The lovely thing about pine nuts is it adds this little butter texture to the salad. So I’m just going to a handful here and sprinkle some pine nuts on top here. You have all the colors of the rainbow right here. Next, we’re making a nice citrus dressing.

Now what I like to do with a dressing is I do like to store it separately because if you do keep the dressing in the salad then it will cause a salad to wilt faster and go bad faster. So you want to preserve the salad for as long as possible because it’s SO good and you want to savor it every single day!

So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to use my measuring cup so that we can make this dressing. And then we’ll toss the salad and pour the dressing over at the end here. So I have this lovely press here. I usually use if for lemons, but you can also use it for oranges, especially the small ones. It’s so easy. Just squeeze all that nice juice out. We have almost a half a cup of juice from just one of these navel oranges. Now I’m going to add just about a quarter cup of grade seed oil. I’m going to go ahead and put this in the blender. The reason I’m going to go ahead and blend it is to create an emulsion. You don’t have to put this on high; just a quick blend. Nothing complicated here. Now I am going to pour this in an old salad bottle.

Now let’s toss our salad and then have a bite. Right now this is in a salad spinner bowl, which is fine, and we’ll probably keep it in here. Just keep the kale raised off the bottom. Let’s serve this up. It almost looks like we could eat it by itself without the dressing. Well, here’s a little tip. We could put the dressing in there. We could use the citrus dressing or we could even use a little lemon on top if we wanted more of a salty taste to it. Put a little salt, pepper, and then lemon in there. Let’s try both! Completely different tastes. Perfect for the summer.

What you might have noticed is that what started out as being one recipe ended up being two recipes. The only thing that changed was the dressing. So you really can create variety even inside of one recipe. For the salt, pepper, and lemon dressing, all I did was sprinkle just a tad bit of salt, a few sprinkles of pepper, and squeezed on less than half a lemon. This type of dressing is easy to make for any salad. If you want to add a little bit of olive oil, you can do that too. You can add that to any spinach salad or any other type of salad for an alkalizing and very tasty dressing.

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