Making an Alkaline Smoothie


The trending topic now is how to make your body more alkaline. Another more popular topic is juicing. So I figured what we do is put the two together and make an alkaline juice for you to drink and help to cleanse your body. We have a lemon, avocado, some celery, cucumber, parsley, some garlic, and just some ice. That’s all you need. So a lot of these have great detox and cleansing element, and they will help to make your body more alkaline so you can help to fight off infections and just keep your body in a healthy state.

What we’re going to do first is we’re going to chop up our avocado. I like to just cut it in half. And we’re going to gut the seed out. What we’re using today for the blending of everything is our NutriBullet. The nice thing with avocados is you don’t to slice it up; you can just slide huge chunks into the NutriBullet just like this. We’re going to get as much of it as we can. This is going to be the core of our juice. Avocados are very, very rich nutrient-dense foods so we want to get as much as we can. If you’re an avocado person, you can use two.

The next highest component is going to be our cucumber, so I’m going to just chop the cucumber into about quarter- or half-dollar-size slices. Cucumbers also have a great fat-burning element to them if you want to have an alkaline juice as well as a fat-burning juice. And again, we’re going to just stick these into the NutriBullet.

And our third largest component is going to be our celery. I have one stalk, and I’m going to slice this as well. I’m only going to use about half of this stalk. Celery tends to be a little bit overbearing in taste when mixed with other elements while juicing. So you don’t want to have your juice taste predominantly of celery. So just a little bit is good.

Our last three components are going to be more for seasoning. So we’re going to use some minced garlic. If you have large, whole garlic, you can use cloves as well. I’m going to use just one teaspoon, a nice, rounded-off healthy teaspoon. You can also use cilantro for taste. I’m going to use one teaspoon of coriander as well for seasoning. And that one can be a leveled-off teaspoon. And finally we’re going to use half of a lemon just to add a little bit more of an acidic component to the smoothie. The more lemon you can tolerate the better. I’m going to slice a couple slices and then just juice the rest into the smoothie. And last but not least we cannot forget some parsley. We have some fresh parsley leaves here. You can chop these prior to juicing. I’m going to simply just use my fingers and break off small pieces and rub them together.

Just to give it a smoothie fill, I’m going to add some ice. Now we’re going to add some alkaline water just to boost the alkaline smoothie effect.

Alkaline water is very cleaning. It’s very good for healing of the cells. So it would make sense for this alkaline smoothie to use the alkaline water. So I just put it up to 9.5; why not use the largest. And I’ll have you just pull this level up. It’s connected right to my machine. There you go.

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Friday, 23 August 2019
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