Start with Veggies!


We are focusing on mindful nutrition and this week, we're starting with veggies!

It is very clear in the research the benefit of having 4-6 (or more) servings of vegetables brings to your health and well being. Adding vegetables to your life decreases the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and helps you to lose weight. Who doesn't want that?!

But often, we tend to think that eating vegetables has to be bland. It's the preparation of the vegetables that makes the difference in the enjoyability of the experience.

So this week's double dare is to get creative in the kitchen. Create, or find online, a tasty vegetable recipe and prepare it for yourself and even your family & friends. Have a potluck - make it fun! Make a point to add those vegetables into your diet. This is NOT just for the week .. this is for your lifetime.

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Friday, 23 August 2019
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