What Can I Do to Strengthen My Body After Having a Baby?


First off .. congratulations!

Yes, there are a lot of ways that you can restrengthen your body after having your child. The most important principle is strengthening the core. That's the underlying principle in strengthening the body and balance and there are several ways that you can do that.


You can incorporate Pilates (floor Pilates, reformer Pilates, classes, etc.). You can try yoga to strengthen the core, as well as the little stability muscles that there are in the body (and it's very relaxing as well). You can even do yoga with your baby. There's a lot of Mother-Baby classes around Atlanta for yoga. So there's two great ways to strengthen your core and your body after having a baby. Plus, they are two gentle ways to do that as well.

You can always do something at home, as well. You can do sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, and hanging leg raises. I recommend using an exercise ball, which you can also use at the office while sitting at a desk. It strengthens the little stability muscles of the core and you don't even realize the amount of core work you are doing over the hours.

At home, you can use the exercise ball to do very specific exercises, such as a ball crunch which strength the back, the core and the little stability muscles in between, in addition to a little bit of a bun and leg work out in the process.

You can sit in front of the TV, with your ball, and even with your baby. You can have your baby on your lap and bounce with your ball (maybe that will put them to sleep!). Or you can have your baby on your lap while you roll back and forth. That adds a little bit of extra weight and a little bit of an extra workout.

So those are some fun and easy ways for you to strengthen your core right in your own home. If you have cable, turn to the Yoga Channel and do some yoga at home, or find a gym or studio close by that does yoga or Pilates classes and do that.

I hope that will be a good helpful start for you to strengthen your body after pregnancy.

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Friday, 23 August 2019
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