Artist Name - Moving-with-Your-Truth-w-Dr.-Bolu-Oladini

This week next level entrepreneur, and PharmD, Dr. Bolu Oladini and I took the conversation to another level as we conversed about Moving Based on Your Truth Rather Than the Validation of Others

Highlights from the conversation: 

- Dr. Bolu speaks about how he came to choose Pharmacy.

- Started as pre-med and realized that it wasn't his path.

- The path is not always a straight path, sometimes it has detours

- Dr. Bolu quotes: "It's never a waste of time to pursue anything you are drawn to"

- Being drawn to what you drawn to, leads you on your path.

- Realized working in retail pharmacy realizing that western medicine could only do so much

- Began to be drawn toward doing something more

- He sees himself as a beacon of light for the younger generation of healthcare professionals (and pharmacists) coming into the profession. 

- Your "Why" Will change as you grow, and as priorities in life change and expand.

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