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This week next level physician entrepreneur Dr. John Howard and I took the conversation to another level as we conversed about the Power of Adaptability in Career Transition.

Highlights from the conversation:

- Dr. Howard talks about his journey to leave clinical medicine

o A practicing interventional radiologist, his career was cut short by medical illness

o He went through his own grief process, and then one day realized it was time to move forward

o He started practice consulting became very successful  

Felt the calling to the next thing, and started to get bored

o Began investing in real estate, flipping homes, acquiring and holding some

o Once again, heard the calling, and began looking at what's next

o Began executive coaching practice and has been doing well with that

o You don't have to necessarily have the skill… you can learn it.

o When you fall, you just have to get back up

o Sometimes you just have to take the next right action.

Catch up with Dr. Howard by visiting him at Or by contacting him at (239)-994-4200

Ask him about his 6 week Mindset Course!

See you on the next one!

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