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Helping Leaders Connect to Their Super Powers & Embody Their Purpose

I believe that we are the co-creators of our lives...
"If we each create a ripple, the ripples become waves, and those waves become tidals. That is what creates change. We all have our part in creating legacy"

Creating a Legacy for the Culture

For Dr. Maiysha, coaching and training others in Mind ReMapping is more than a profession, it's a calling... My Super Power is helping others connect to theirs. I am at my best when I am creating safe, intimate and meaningful spaces for people to learn, grow, and share in the experience of transformation as community."

Though Dr. Maiysha is highly accomplished as a physician, coach, and trainer today her path has been everything but traditional.  "I have always been an outside of the box thinker. From the time I began my journey into medicine, I knew my path would be different. I have spent most of my career breaking the mold. I think that is what makes me so successful in what I do."

A Healer First.. "I have always been a healer first.  It's my life's assignment... my purpose. Each day, I endeavor to bring healing to everyone with whom I come in contact. I believe everyone has this capacity to bring healing for themselves and others. I'm here to wake them up to that capacity."

Breaking Old Cycles of Generational Trauma & Creating New Legacies for the Culture

As a female physician, I had spent most of my career putting work first. However, when I became pregnant with my son, one of the first things to come to mind “how will I balance my profession as a physician with my commitment as a mother?”  That question informed the way I next moved in my career. I designed my second career specifically so that I could be available for my son. With that in mind I started Stress free Mom MD in 2016, coaching physician moms to create balanced lives that they design. Not long after that I began helping burned out Dr. Mommies transition into better jobs and career paths giving them more time and freedom to be with their families. It wasn’t long before I became known for what I do, and for having made a successful transition from clinical medicine and was asked to coach in the area of entrepreneurship. I showed doctors that it was possible to leverage what they already knew to create a profitable business that more than paid the bills while having freedom, fulfillment and a life they truly loved by their design.  One of the biggest obstacles, though, was the limiting beliefs I encountered in working with my colleagus. Using the Mind ReMapping processes that I had once used with my patients to help them break limiting beliefs about their own health and abilities, I began to see breakthrough results. I discovered that doing the work of mind remapping was when I felt at my best. My Super Power was helping others to connect to theirs, and I found my genius zone inside of creating safe, intimate spaces for people to learn, grow and share in the experience of transformation as community. When I am doing this, I am on purpose. 

Continuing to Break the Mold and Pave the Way for Future Doctors

Being a physician was always satisfying, but in many ways being in the medical industry as a physician is constraining. What I love about being an entrepreneur in the healthcare space as a physician is that it allows me to take my existing expertise and leverage it in other ways than what I was originally trained. As a physician who now helps other physicians create their ideal career, avoid burnout and step into physician entrepreneurship, I get to break the mold of what it means to be a doctor, and create a new frontier of career options and opportunities for current and next generations of physicians (as well as other healthcare providers).  Additionally, being an entrepreneur allows me to practice my craft on my terms by my design. Even though I have a science and business mind, I get to exist more in my creative spaces as a coach helping other doctors find their passion and purpose. 


A True Family Woman

I chose Family Medicine, not because it was "primary care" so to speak, but because it felt like the most versatile specialty. I could see a newborn baby, leave the room and then see a 50 year old man, then turn around and see a first time pregnant mom to be. That kind of variety lit me up...  It allowed me to form relationships with my patients "from the womb to the tomb" That was important to me. I would see a pregnant mom, then her baby, her husband, and sometimes even see her through another pregnancy.  I'd get to watch the family grow. That was beautiful to me. Now, I get to make that kind of impact in a bigger way. I get to help people connect to their power, purpose, and passion so that they can impact their communities in the ways they envision. That's the true meaning of legacy in my eyes.