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The move toward nonclinical physician careers and physician entrepreneurship is rapidly growing. As more doctorpreneurs and healthcare professionals like you are stepping out to start their medical side gigs, there is a growing need for high quality, high integrity educational curriculum & coaching programs to help you to take your ideas from a thought to profitable reality. That's where we come in.
"The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step"

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The Medical Entrepreneur's 90 Day Startup

If you are just getting started, and are not sure what first steps to take, the Employee to Entrepreneur Business Startup Accelerator program is for you.  This program will take you from inception of your idea to manifestation of your business. By the completion of the program, you will be able to launch your side gig, or main gig and be ready to generating real revenue.  This is a full spectrum business startup course designed by physicians for physicians.

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The 7 Figure Roadmap

Marketing Mastery for Medical Professionals

Physician coaches & entrepreneurs looking to take your “side gig” to the next level, if you need marketing help, this course is for you. The course is a step by step by step primer that will show you how to attract and keep new clients simply, without spending thousands on ineffective advertising.

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Stepping into sales mastery

Selling is a vital part of running business. It is the most important skill as a business owner you could have because you need to know how to close clients. The Sales Mastery Course will show you step by step how to go from prospects to purchase in one conversation without sounding salesy, feeling pushy, or being like a used car salesman even if you are selling high ticket offers.

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Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation: Intro to Mastery

Introduction to NLP & The Magic of Language

Ever wonder how some people can create what they want just by declaring it so? And why some are less plagued with recurring destructive self talk, limiting beliefs, or negative internal dialogue? It's all about the programming of the mind. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programmind) is a process that allows you to get at the root of that limited and negative thinking and remove the invisible barriers that keep you in proverbial quicksand slowing or even stopping your progress. This course will give you the foundational tools to begin getting to the root cause of what's stopping you and removing barriers so you can be free to create a life you design.

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Take It to the Next Level With Our Masterminds & Coaching

The Employee to Entrepreneur's "Business By Design" 9 Month Mastermind

If you are a physician entrepreneur or medical professional looking to step outside the box and start a clinical or non-clinical business that you are passionate about, this 9 month physician entrepreneurship fellowship will show you step by step how to start and build a business by your design and with a foundation of integrity. If you are ready to step outside the box and create a "business by design" Schedule Your Free Next Level Strategy Call to Apply Today.

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Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation NLP/Hypnosis Coach Mastery Training (w/Optional Certification)

Physician Entrepreneurs & Medical professionals looking for coach training will find that this is no ordinary coach training program. We elevate coach skill training by adding the element of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy® as a Skillset to help you get deeper, faster, and more long lasting results. If you are ready take the next level to become a coach or elevate your existing coaching skills to reach coach mastery, schedule your Free Next Level Strategy Call and Apply Today

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MED-E University "Business by Design" Membership

You are ready take that first step to begin growing your business, and you want to start now, however, maybe you aren't quite ready for a full on mastermind or coaching program yet? Our MED-E University's "Business by Design" Membership allows you to get access our ENTIRE business startup, marketing, and sales curriculum library for one low monthly membership investment. Get our 90 Day Startup, 7 Figure Roadmap, Stepping Into Sales Mastery, and Introduction to NLP Courses and much more! And all of this RISK FREE with a 14 Day Free Trial. Click to Sign up Now.

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