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One of my super-powers is engaging my audiences. I don't just talk at your audience, I empower, inspire, and engage them so that by the end of our time together not only are the motivated, but they have actions that they can implement that day to make their life better. People describe my style as "real", "relatable", "highly interactive", and action oriented".

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Most Requested Topics

Trauma Informed Communication: How Listening Drives Our Behavior

How do you listen?  Most people listen waiting to assess, judge, and make a point.  The problem is that this type of listening leaves great room for error between what is said and what is so.  The fact is listening drives our behavior, and done in a particular way, it can change the course of interaction between two people. In this talk, Dr. Maiysha talks about the automatic listening, it's impact, and 2 tools to begin expanding your listening right away.

Trauma Informed Self Care: Our Brain, Burnout, & The Way to Recovery

With the state of our society today, vicarious trauma bleeds into our daily lives.  Couple that with personal and work stressors, and you have burnout joining the ranks among the current epidemic we are currently experiencing.  In this talk Dr. Maiysha reveals how trauma is the underlying source of burnout, and how to begin to mitigate and prevent future harm through trauma informed self care.

Trauma Responsiveness & Psychological Safety as an Equity Practice

Emotional Intelligence is often talked about in terms of leadership and psychological safety, however,  it is not often recognized as an equity practice. In this talk, Dr. Maiysha reveals the relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Trauma Responsiveness, and Equity, and how learning these skills can lead to a more inclusive and psychologically safe culture for your organization.

Communication That Transforms: Moving From Transactional to Relational

Most people do not realize the impact of their words on others.  As we move through our days task focused, we forget the most important element of interaction... relating. In this workshop, Dr. Clairborne distinguishes the "already always" way of listening and communicating, why it's ineffective and potentially harmful, and how stepping out of disconnected and transactional relating and into meaningful relational interaction can transform personal relationships and organizational culture.

More About Dr. Clairborne

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an Integrative Physician, Visionary, Thought Leader, Consultant, and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming. The founder of the Mind Re-Mapping Co., she helps individuals and organizations better understand trauma and how it affects the brain, our behavior, and our communication through her workshops, consulting and coaching.  Informed by neuroscience and grounded in the tenets of emotional intelligence, Dr. Clairborne helps individuals and organizations become trauma informed by teaching conscious communication and emotional fluency.

 Dr. Maiysha’s specialty in trauma informed communication is teaching people the power of word, and how our unconscious thoughts and beliefs have an impact on the reality we create.  She teaches the leaders she trains that by mastering our language (both internal and external) we ultimately put ourselves in the driver’s seat of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, therefore creating new impact for our lives and the lives of people around us.

Dr. Maiysha enjoys keynote speaking, facilitating workshops, leading trainings, and serving on panels for Corporations, Medical Systems, & Educational Institutions, bringing conversations and skills of trauma responsiveness, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset culture that increase inclusiveness, equity, and belonging in these spaces.

Dr. Clairborne’s superpower is engaging her audiences. Best known for her down to earth personality, unexpected humor, and highly interactive & outside the box workshop style, she commits herself to providing value leaving her audiences with incredible insights for personal growth, and proven actionable steps for them to take away and begin using immediately.  

Dr. Clairborne has turned her wisdom into three amazon best-selling books, an transformational podcast, and an information packed mind remapping blog.  She is a regular contributor to and has been featured in major award winning blogs such as KevinMD.com, Doximity, and Medscape, Medical Economics, and is recognized as one of the leading contributing voices by LinkedIn.

Dr. Maiysha is a graduate of Emory University, completing her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital.  In addition to gracing the TEDx Asheville Stage in 2022, she has delivered trainings in arenas such as the International Conference on Physician Health, WELLMED Physician Conference in Greece, and Women in Medicine, and serves as faculty facilitator for the ACGME’s Equity Matters Project. She is the author of the Wellness Blueprint and the co-author of Conscious Anti-Racism, the host The Black Mind Garden Podcast, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated.



“Excellent presentation, Excellent introspection! Really enjoyed the presentation and audience interaction” ~Gwinnett Medical Center

"The information delivered was valuable, and her style is engaging and interactive. Her passion for the subject is evident and style relatable.” ~Northside Hospital

"Dr. Clairborne is a phenomenal presenter!” ~Metro Atlanta Association of Black Psychologists

"I highly recommend others hire Dr. Clairborne to speak for their organizations/associations." ~Dr. Katherine Igah-Phillip – Owner, Mind Body Wellness Center

"In just one hour’s time you helped propel me into making BIG changes.”  Dr. Tracy McAlvanah