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There's a resistance to having a conversation about intergenerational trauma in the black community. A conversation needs to happen between black men and black women. We need to communicate and to heal


Highlights from the conversation:


● Founder and owner of Hope LLC 

● Licensed Professional Counselor. He has a Master of Art in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's of Art in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

● Utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as his primary theoretical approach for depression, bipolar disorder, stress management, substance abuse, racial identity and trauma, life transitions, trauma and men's issues. 

● Author of "Intergenerational Trauma and its Impact on Black People in America" 


● We've all experienced trauma. That's the baseline from which we operate and interact with people. Intergenerational trauma it's passed down through different generations. The way we think or how we express ourselves can be defined by it - and it's all based on experiences our ancestors went through. Slavery didn't happen long ago, and it's still a fresh memory from systematic oppressions. 

● The violence that came before our time - men having to watch their wives get assaulted, brutality, kids being taken away, lack of rights and protection, and much more - created a friction between black men and black women. The dynamics in the relationships are affected by this, and children are exposed to problems and discussions with delicate topics. 

● Traumas are passed through epigenetic, story learning, and through learned behaviors. What is present? Beating, comprehension, emasculation, shared responsibilities, absence, a caring relationship…? Experiences while growing up can inflict traumas or complexes. 

● It's necessary to talk about these experiences as a community. That's how healing starts. That's how an inherited cycle can stop. That's how there's a shift in the confidence and self esteem of black men being built on the backs of black women. 


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