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This week next level entrepreneur and Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley and I took the conversation to another level as we had a special conversation about physicians helping physicians and she reveals what she is doing to help physicians who are interested in non-clinical careers this summer in July!⁣

Highlights from the conversation:⁣

Dr. Mudge's Background⁣

● Dr. Mudge was in pathology training as a pathology before transitioning in 2004 She loved medicine, but wasn't sure clinical medicine was what she felt comfortable with. Back in those days, resources that now are available all over the internet weren't there. That made her feel alone and lost.⁣

● She then tried other jobs somehow related to medicine - which was the only work experience she had - and worked for a medical device company and hospital administration. Without marketing or administration knowledge, the outcomes weren't exactly good.⁣

● She started telling her story, and it got picked up by different news channels. Later, she was invited to speak in conferences about her experience. Not long after that, her clients started reaching out to her for coaching services.⁣

A Message For the Doctors that Feel Like they Outgrew Their Careers⁣
It's a bit scary, because you may feel like you are turning your back into what you worked so hard for. You are not a failure, you are exploring other options. It's valid to think about businesses that you'd like to start, careers that you'd like to explore. Spread your wings, because good things come with that.⁣

The Situation of Doctors Trying to Change Their Career Path⁣

● No one is safe form how lost they will feel once they make the transition. Triple board certified orthopedics, surgeons, etc…⁣

● Currently, there is what seems to be a mass exodus. Doctors are looking towards changing their career, and this doesn't necessarily mean coming out of clinical, but just practicing on their own terms.⁣

● What stops most of the people is fear. "What's out there? Is there anything for me?"⁣

● There are many different paths that people can take: Telemedicine, utilization review work, healthcare IT, pharma medical science liaison work, digital technology related or unrelated to medicine…⁣

How To Help Doctors During the Transition⁣

● Preparing their minds for the journey: Most of physicians look only at the destination. Becoming a doctor was a journey, and most forget that. The transition will be journey too.⁣

● It's best to leave the competitive mindset behind: Striving to be as good as it gets is wonderful, but there's no need to push others down. There's enough bread for everyone.⁣

● Confidence: Many will say that a transition is stupid, a waste of time, or a waste of medical training. There's a reason someone decided to do the transition, and that should be the one thing on their mind, and their main motivation.⁣

Sign up for the Physicians Helping Physicians Conference by going to https://bit.ly/PhysiciansHelpingPhysiciansVC⁣

You can also follow Dr. Mudge-Riley on social media:⁣


Instagram: @mudgeriley⁣

Twitter: @mudgeriley⁣ 

Website: ⁣www.phphysicians.com⁣
Podcast: Physicians In Transition Podcast⁣

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