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Artist Name - The Importance of Branding & Using Our Voices to Empower Each Other w:Dr. Dana Corriel.mp3
This episode, next level entrepreneur and Dr. Dana Corriel and I discuss the importance of personal branding, using our social media voices to empower each other, and how Dr. Dana became a social media influencer.⁣

Highlights from the conversation:⁣

- Her journey to brand consulting⁣
- How SoMeDocs began⁣
- Dr. Corriel's mission with SoMeDocs⁣
- The importance of personal branding for physicians and how it helps them to find their voice.⁣
- Having communities that empower each other are the key to not only growing your individual business but also to reclaiming our voice and power as physicians⁣
- The challenges of balancing the Dr. Corriel brand with SoMeDocs and some tips on how she is able to do that⁣

…. And so much more⁣! Take a listen!⁣

Catch up with Dr. Corriel by visiting her at on her website www.Drcorriel.com for her personal branding & www.SoMeDocs.com for Doctors on Social Media.⁣

You can also follow her on social media:

Twitter - @Drcorriel⁣
Instagram - @Drcorriel⁣

See you on the next one!⁣

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