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This week, Charlice and I took the conversation to another level as we talked about high sensitivity

Highlights from the conversation:

[01:15] Charlice Hurst

Professor of Organizational Behavior/Psychology of The University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

[03:21] What sensory processing sensitivity means

About 15 – 30% of people are high in sensory processing sensitivity. They are called HSPs. To some, sensitivity has a negative connotation, however, people with high sensitivity are very "in tuned" to the environment and the people. Since HSPs process things more deeply, they make decisions differently. When it comes to resolution, some people look at the big picture while some look at the details. People with HSP tend to be more of a big picture people. People with sensory processing sensitivity may be misunderstood as aloof or emotional when it can be a gift if they're looked at in a different way.

[09:21] Sensitivity to smell, sound and light

Some people don't experience the noise that HSP people do which in return can cause relationship issues. People with HSP may not like going to the malls or go there when there are fewer people, they prefer online shopping and insta-carting. The ability to self-regulate is low which can be misunderstood as an inability to

manage anger. Understanding the triggers and communicating it to your loved ones is a good self-care action.

[25:25] Self-care for highly sensitive people

For most highly sensitive people, enough sleep, regular meals, and doing something for the body to relax the nervous system is a good self-care. For busy people who may not have the time to get a massage – having a specific amount of quiet time and building in quiet time moments throughout the day to recharge self is a good way to go.

[32:41] Self-esteem and HSP

Researchers found that people with HSP tend to have lower self-esteem, making it harder to make a decision in doing self-care. Some of them grow up thinking something's wrong and so a lot of people with HSP spend a lot of time working on "repairing" themselves. The first place to start is to build self-compassion and thinking what you need to do to clear that stuff out of the closet. Evaluate and start thinking nothing's wrong with you.

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See you on the next one!

Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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