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 Today's conversation goes around taking ownership of our culture, acknowledging our roots, and giving back to the environments that formed us so we can have an opportunity to break free from the oppressive, manipulative system that we currently run in.

-- Highlights from the conversation:


● She has a doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology, a master's degree in Forensic Psychology, and a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice

● One of the founders of No Black Girl Left Behind (NBGLB). A place to connect, uplift, inspire and promote black women self-care.

● Author of "The Rhode to Success"

● Experienced traveler

● LIBERATION FROM AN OPPRESSIVE (WHITE SUPREMACIST) SYSTEM The immersion of the black community in the white supremacy culture has become more and more evident. Colonization seems to have persisted despite the years, and it's still alive in all of our mindsets. How do we begin to disconnect ourselves from that? We need to start creating our own systems, even within the current structure, in order to break free.

● We need more doctors, more artists, more vocal agents. And then we need them to go back to our community. It's important to keep present that we are all products of our communities, and it's fair to retrieve back to them.

● We can't continue to rely on the system to teach us. The system is also polluted with a white supremacy mindset. We do need to be aware of the socio political structures of the oppressed, and how we are constantly manipulated. Giving resources to our communities to create educated individuals is the only way to break the cycle.

● Educating the next generation should be a priority. With the current tools, they learn faster and become very rational beings at an earlier age. Let's teach them about representation, about culture, about being proud of who they are, and embrace the differences that make them unique and special (hair, skin color, culture, etc).

● We can also look for allies outside of our communities. There will always be white, latin, asian people who are very into the anti-racism culture. They will advocate with us, they will reject white supremacy with us, they will support our businesses and causes with us.


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Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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Saturday, 13 April 2024