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Traumas are something most of us have to live with. Is almost impossible to avoid damaging, painful experiences in our lifetimes. However, how do we deal with them so they don't take over our lives? Should we set them aside, or should we confront them? Dr. Alauna Curry opens our eyes and gives us some insight on how our brain works in today's conversation.

-- Highlights from the conversation:


● Board-Certified Psychiatrist, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of complex psychological trauma and related mental health conditions.

● Founder of Dr. Alauna Trauma Recovery Institute, an educational practice geared towards education the public about how to heal themselves

● None of us get a good education about emotions, despite it being something very basic for us humans.


● We live long lives in this world. It's very difficult to always avoid painful experiences , which can later develop into traumas. Traumas usually restructure the way we see the world. It's important to understand that we are running on our primitive brain systems. They still dominate the way we think of, talk about, feel, and interpret the world that surrounds us. When trauma poisons our system, it takes over our vision of the world.

● Trauma creates a predictable pattern of changes in our brain system. When we identify those patterns and find the correct tools and skills, we can regulate the way trauma affects us. We can create our own reality.

● An important first step is to recognize and accept your traumas. Dismissing them won't let you reprogram the way you think, as you will be stuck in your own ways. Think of it as this: You are addicted to sugar, and you notice that you are gaining some unhealthy way. You refuse to acknowledge that the food you are eating is the one causing this, so you continue to consume it. Accepting the problem and willing to change is the only way to stop the consequences.

● Humans are built with a gigantic blind spot for ourselves. We see what everybody else is doing and we are quick to say how wrong they all are. We have solutions, suggestions, advice, etc. But when it comes to ourselves, crickets.

● The ability to regulate ourselves comes to self-acceptance and education. Thoughts have real power. Emotions are always present, but it's possible to regulate them by controlling out thought processes. We have the ability to make ourselves better.


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Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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