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Behavioral Flexibility

Behavioral flexibility seems to be the phrase of the season. All this reality with the pandemic and COVID-19 has taught me an amazing amount of behavioral flexibility, patience, and the ability to insert humor in situations or spaces that would normally be completely tense.

Focus On The Solutions and the Bright Side

Take for example what happened to me this week. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and we had a very tough week with storms from hurricanes past week. One morning, we heard an explosion. I thought "Oh, great" - I knew exactly what it was… the transformer. So it was 7am and we had no electricity. A little bit of a challenge when you have a 6-year-old and are currently in the home schooling life. And not only that, because I had some work calls myself. So… no electricity, no Wi-Fi.

Some time ago I would've probably lost it. I would have cancelled most of my appointments and my son would have never been able to get into class. A hot mess! Luckily, I took some time to think about the situation. I had a replacement that was powering one electric entry, so I was able to charge my phone a bit. I connected my son to my hotspot and used my iPad myself. So, my son made it to his classes, I made it through my calls, and we took it with good humor. My son, my clients, and me!

Bonus: Having my son come in and out of the room wanting hugs and kisses, and my clients saying hi to him!

Use All Your Resources, And All Your Support 

Remember that with creativity, something else is always going to happen. This whole journey is a mountain with no top. Back to the story, after all the calls and classes, I had to take my son to his father's home. So we are ready, about to take off in the car and... how will I open the automatic garage door without electricity? I tried to manually raise the door but of course, it wouldn't stay up.

Well, I've learned that behavior flexibility is inclusive of asking for help. How many of you out there are lone rangers? "I can do it by myself, I can figure it out all by myself. I'm all alone against the world." Remember that at some time, we all need support and people in our lives we can count on. I called a friend, and together we figured out that I could keep the garage door with a ladder. 

Behavioral Flexibility For The Win 

It's not that I didn't feel anxious. It's not that I didn't feel a little frustrated. It's not that I didn't feel angry at some point… but I was always aware of the freedom from opening my mind and being capable of looking for a solution.

This is the work we do in NLP. Remapping. I teach how to have this behavior flexibility, because at the end of the day it is what will put you in the driver's seat. You don't have to be affected by everything that goes on around you, because there will always be a lot going on. You should instead focus on what are the good things that come from the situations.

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Monday, 24 June 2024