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This week, Brian and I took the conversation to another level as we talked about the evolution of the black man's mindset by breaking cycles, doing the deep work, breaking generation curses, and embracing "teachable moments".

Highlights from the conversation:

Brian Burley

· Best-selling author of YNGBLKPGH (Young Black Pittsburgh)

· Husband, father, entrepreneur and community founder of YNGBLKPGH

[03:30] Best Example for the next generation

Breaking Cycles: the importance of not just maintaining a certain persona as a façade but living that life as a great example so the next generation doesn't need to unlearn but instead just keep on learning. To do this, we need to be the one doing the dirty work and breaking generation curses. Millennial and Gen Z's may have different ways of learning things – there's no one-size-fits-all way to do it.

[10:10] Awareness vs Action: the gap between knowing and doing

Knowing you have to unlearn something versus being willing and taking the action to actually unlearning something. In order to take the action, one really need to take it to heart. Undoing what's been done that's not healthy and unproductive is not a walk in the park. Once you know, you can't "unknow" and just keep going. One way to do it is acknowledging the need to be empowering, encouraging and normalizing development in general.

[29:50] Black Men vs. Black Women Mindset

On patriarchy, black men are taught to know "what it is to be a man", not showing feelings (that feelings are weak). On the other hand, black women are conditioned to "be strong for the family, don't let men see you cry or they think you're weak". Two different perspective on how to be "strong". Something we missed because the examples before us may have not been right. A lot of learning on the fly that needs to be done. The dynamic is off because each of us is

"surviving" and in pain. We can be vulnerable together which creates "strength" inside of the bond.

[37:00] A "teachable moment"

Not everything is a race, we all need to start somewhere and it's important that we allow others to run their own race. If we all get that life in general is a teachable moment, things would be a lot different. Failures and feedback don't mean anything about us and our character – they are just "teachable moments".


Catch up with Brian Burley by visiting him at via the following social media platforms:

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LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianrburley


See you on the next one!

Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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