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 This week, Dr. Kamilah Williams and I took the conversation to another level as we talked about the challenges of single parenthood and co-parenting as well as the importance of building a strong support community for your child.

Highlights from the conversation:

[01:40] Dr. Kamilah Williams

· Board-certified family physician

· Founder of The Single Well Coaching Program

[04:04] Single parenting and co-parenting

For so long, single motherhood has always had a negative connotation to it. It is about time we shift the narrative. Not all single parenthood and co-parenthood results in a negative experience. Some people automatically think that the father is not involved or there is no male influence to the child when they meet a single woman, especially a black woman. Many co-parents find ways to make the co-parenting work and it can work out.

[12:16] The power of community

It is important to have positive male role models around, they can be the child's relatives and loved ones. Our children need other male and female influence who can help us raise them well. Our kids are smart that they learn different lessons from different adults in different walks of live. Creating a village of people that we trust as well as a communicatory relationship with our child that they can tell us anything is essential so we are confident that the community we created for our child is a powerful community.

[32:39] Career and single parenting

It is not easy to be with our child whenever and wherever, especially when we are working full time. Entrepreneurship could allow single parents to have the freedom to be with their children while still earning at the same time. Many parents are afraid to jump into entrepreneurship but once one take that leap, the freedom and time with our child will be worth it – it is a whole mindset shift.


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Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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