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Quick Primer on What Makes Affirmations Work and What Doesn't


[November 16ht, 2020] Hello there! Hope you are having a nice day and a nice week. Last time, we talked about the relationship between spirituality and personal development. We mentioned affirmations, and how sometimes they don't work. So here's a quick primer on what makes affirmation work or not.

If you are a person who truly believes in affirmations, then you are actively calling for the law of attraction. However, you may be doing things that get in the middle of obtaining the things you so actively ask for. Here are some highlights on what not to do, and what do to when doing affirmations:

What kills the effectiveness of affirmations 

You can be giving the universe confusing signals if:

● You use passive language: "I want, I wish, If I could..."

● Your words are not precise or they are too general, and you are not 100% sure of the reality you want to attract.

● You are not precise in stating the time, leaving an open loop.

● Your internal conversations are full of obstacles that may stop you from achieving your goals

What turns affirmations into manifestations 

You are capable of making declarations about your life that will get concreted if:

● You use active language, and sometimes even : "I will, I am"

● You have SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, and Time relevant

● You have a specific and realistic timeframe in mind

● Your mindspace and emotions are in-sync with your affirmations, and you are convinced that you will achieve exactly what you want

When you effectively do affirmations, your little reticular activating system in your brain will look for ways to create the world outside of you to match what you've affirmed (Or declared, as I prefer to call it because it gives a bigger sense of conviction). When you have doubt, however it impacts the internal representation, which is why it's so important to do the deep work to move those internal obstacles (negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions) out of the way.

It's important that you become conscious of the way you speak. If you are not careful, you will put obstacles right in the way of your creation.

What commands are you giving your unconscious mind?

How will you now begin to reframe the way you speak?

I want to know!

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