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This week, Precious Price and I took the conversation to another level as we talked about starting young, and identifying our purpose and passion. Precious shares with her her journey to building a new career inside something she is passionate about and the mindset it takes to do this even early in her career.

Highlights from the conversation:

[00:58] Precious Price

· 25 year-old Speaker and motivator

· Digital Marketing Coach and Brand Strategist

· Author of The #AirbnbMoney E-Book

[04:43] Identifying our purpose and passion

How we expect our passion to be integrated in our career life? This question lit the true fire of the entrepreneurial spirit for Precious. She has since been doing personal and professional brand coaching, turned the value she brings, and monetize them. Most people may not be thinking about these things in their early twenties.

[11:03] Pivoting out of career

In life, there are things we want to accomplish, hence the desire to obtain a specific career. However, at some point, we grow and expand and in doing so, our priorities change and shifted. It is important to give ourselves grace when we are expanding and know that stepping into the unknown and pivoting out of career is fine. Let us give ourselves permission to outgrow what we thought our lives were supposed to look like, even if our lives look good.

[14:48] Knowing it was going to happen

Sometimes, we do not need to know how things are going to happen. Knowing it is going to happen is sometimes enough. Many people are so caught up to know the ending of the story and all the components (the how). Sometimes, all we need to do is to keep trying things out to pivot – one foot in front of the other.


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Hosted by: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

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