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Unconscious Mind Memories

Unconscious Mind Memories

Can you think of some moments in your life when you were able to remember things as clearly as it was yesterday? It is in the ways that our unconscious mind processes memory that where we will be focusing on in this episode.

The unconscious mind represses unresolved negative emotions.

It is the actual repression of the content of the memory based on the intensity of the emotion itself. Our unconscious mind is faithful in its responsibility to protect and preserve our being and so when it sees memories that could harm us it makes its duty. It can be seen in our memories of our childhood days. Oftentimes, these memories are not huge events but simple ones. These are the memories and emotions that our little minds of us can't still handle at the moment. And so they were unconsciously pushed out of awareness because our unconscious mind knows it is not healthy for us to deal with them at that certain time.

The unconscious mind brings resolution.

Have you shared an awful memory from your past experiences that you thought you had already forgotten but then amazingly flashbacks so clearly? The unconscious mind is said to be repressing unresolved memories and emotions but it will bring them back in time when we're ready to resolve it. It then presents the repressed memory for the emotion to be released and resolved. In this way, our unconscious mind is helping us to let those memories and events bring resolution and release any negative emotion present with that memory.

Our unconscious mind is always concerned with our preservation and survival. It is protecting us while waiting for the conscious mind to be ready to resolve the event and release the emotion. It does all of this at the right time and right circumstances to help us settle the situation and heal from that past experience and achieve growth and development accordingly.

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