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How the Unconscious Mind Protects Us


Have you ever been in a situation or maybe a sort of danger where your body just took over without you even thinking about it? That's what we're going to talk about today - "WHAT RUNS IN CONTROLS THE BODY?".

The unconscious mind has been called the mind of the body

We often think we are in control of own our lives. That we are in control of the things that we do. But the question is what is in control? What really runs our decision makings and our actions? We should understand that it is the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind provides the consciousness and the direction of the functioning of the body. We have these unconscious processes or the things that we do even without thinking about doing them. For instance, we don't need to think about breathing to actually do it, same as when we blink. And also, when we feel that we're hungry and there's some food near us, we can get up to grab some without even thinking about it. It is the unconscious mind that runs our body to do such things.

The unconscious mind is in charge of protecting and preserving the body

We may think of some circumstances in our lives where we got to face danger in little or big phases. Those situations ask for instant action. It may be those times when we're about to step on poop as we walk down the street. Or when somebody throws a ball in our direction and we have to do something to keep ourselves safe. It is our unconscious mind that is responsible for alerting us to impending danger so we can do something to not get hurt. And most of the time, in extreme danger the unconscious mind will take over the conscious mind and the conscious mind will not be involved at all.

Perceived danger and real danger

There were times when we have to act fast to keep ourselves out of those situations where we might get hurt. Being in the medical field, we are trained to be alerted when there's a forthcoming danger for ourselves and someone else, more like a patient. But we must be aware that we can have our perceived danger and not an imminent one. Those threats are not real but we only assume. It has been said that the prime directive of the unconscious mind is to protect and preserve the body. And so, our body reacts the same way as we encounter either just perceived or actual danger. Distinguishing the difference between the two helps us not get ourselves into situations where we overreact.

Understanding how the unconscious mind operates in this way gives us a deeper insight into why at times we do the things that we do and even our way of reacting to impending dangers. We should also acknowledge the truth that sometimes the threat is real and sometimes it is just perceived. 

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