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Podcast: Savvy Docs Invest in Real Estate w/Dr. Chiagozie Fowale

Savvy Docs Invest in Real Estate w:Dr. Chiagozie Fowale.mp3

This week, next level physician entrepreneur Dr. Chiagozie Fowale and I took the conversation to another level as we conversed about how Savvy Docs invest in Real Estate.Highlights from the conversation: 

Dr. Fowale shares the story of how she got started

· She went from watching the show Flip or Flop to doing research to jumping in and buying her first property

· Her father had had some property and she was aware as a child of this as a possibility

· We talked about the opportunity we have to teach our children young about things like investing and real estate and how this is the true way to leave a legacy for our children

· Her first purchase was a learning experience, but that is how entrepreneurship is

· She discovered her real estate personality by trying and buying· Just because something doesn't work out once doesn't mean it will never work out. Keep trying

Doctors kept coming to her and asking her for advice, so she realized that there was an opportunity to teach what she had learned. She now has a learning platform for doctors that want to step into real estate investing called Savvy Doctors Buying Houses. Her academy consists of masterclasses as well as masterminds.

Check out Dr. Fowale's course by visiting her at savvydocs.teachable.com and keep up with upcoming courses and events by going to bit.ly/savvydocfirstdibs 

You can also follow her on social media at:

Facebook: Facebook.com/DrFawole

Instagram: @chiagozie_fawole

Twitter: @ChiagozieFawole

Website: ChiagozieFawole.com

Podcast: The Savvy Docs Investing Podcast - coming soon

See you on the next one!

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024