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This week next level entrepreneur Dr. JaNae Taylor and talk about the dangers of the hustle, and what's considered a healthy hustle, and structures to keep from burning out as you are growing your business.⁣

In this podcast, Dr. Taylor - a PhD Psychologist, host of the "Minding My Black Business" podcast, and founder of Taylor's Counseling and Consulting Services - talks about mental and emotional health for black entrepreneurs.⁣

Dr. Taylor's Background⁣

  • While she was pursuing her degree, she noticed the constant demand of assignments. Everything that happens behind the scenes isn't a priority. As long as academics are fine, nothing else matters. That translates after getting the degree. Doctors prioritize how they perform at work over how they feel as individuals.⁣
  • She started a private practice in 2016, and was also working part-time as a university counselor. She initially had the door wide open in terms of who she was seeing, and slowly became more niche, working exclusively with black people. Her podcast started after hearing all the sacrifices doctors made, as well as experiences from her own journey.⁣\

The Danger of the Hustle⁣

  • The word "Hustle" gives the impression of the need to constantly be doing something.⁣
  • Probably about 80% of all entrepreneurs, particularly black entrepreneurs, are solopreneurs. They invest all their time in their ventures, and hardly ever have time for themselves. And that has mental health negative outcomes, such as anxiety and depression.⁣
  • When you have your own business, especially when it's something that you love, it doesn't always feel like love. That makes drawing a line more difficult. It's important to be mindful of when to disconnect.⁣

The Healthy Hustle⁣

  • Hustle isn't bad itself. Creating something from nothing and pursuing something that's your own. That's great, it's worth having, and worth working for it. But how do we keep it healthy? By drawing a line. Just like we know it's healthy to put boundaries to our personal relationships, the relationships with our businesses should have limits as well.⁣

Some signs we should stop and establish boundaries with the hustle:⁣

  • Isolation - It's good to find a support group, plus it can give you new perspectives!⁣
  • Burnout - Taking some time off is necessary.⁣
  • Fatigue - Don't forget to sleep.⁣
  • Lack of structure - Think and write down the following steps. Having a plan is super important.⁣
  • Ignoring your mental health - If you are struggling, don't be ashamed to turn to a therapist.⁣

Catch up with Dr. JaNae by visiting her at www.mindingmyblackbusiness.com

You can also follow her on social media:⁣

Facebook:⁣ Dr. Janae Taylor
Instagram: @drjanaetaylor⁣
Twitter⁣: @mindingmyblkbiz⁣

Listen to her Podcast: Minding My BLACK Business⁣

See you on the next one!⁣ 

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