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How the Unconscious Mind Runs and Protects the Body


What is really in control? What really runs your decision making? What's really beneath the surface? Of course, the unconscious mind. Some of the prime directives of the unconscious mind is to actually run, preserve, and protect the body.

Running the Body

If you think about all the processes that happen all the time -such as breathing, blinking, feeling -you will realize that the unconscious mind actually runs the body.

The unconscious mind has also been called the mind of the body. It provides the consciousness, and the direction for the functioning of the body, even when we aren't aware of it.

Protecting the Body

In times of extreme danger, the conscious mind can be overwhelmed, and that's where the unconscious mind takes over.

Also known as the fight or flight response, the unconscious mind generates an automatic response to help us in preservation.

Extreme emotional responses can be caused when we face emotional problems, even when there's not an actual physical threat. It's important to understand how our unconscious mind operates to not let those reactions take over us. 

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