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Emotions: An Unsconscious Phenomenon


Emotions are in the domain of the unconscious mind. Of course, they are felt consciously. But what you feel and at the degree you feel it, is determined by the unconscious.

When it comes to the unconscious emotions, a person can have very intense experiences such as strong love or hate, but actually, he or she does not realize what and why provokes them. Some people may not even be able to recognize said feelings.

Repressed Emotions 

In some cases, the unconscious mind represses certain emotions for protection. This is definitely designed to be a short term function, because repressed emotions are not beneficial for mental health and the body. We are talking about traumatic or impactful events in our lives.

Medical professionals are often taught to repress emotions for long periods of time, in order to be able to put up with stressful situations. Being aware of the unconscious mind can lead to a better understanding and control of the emotions, instead of repressing them. This can lead to an improvement with mental health.


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