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The Dangers of "I Already Know"

I already know

I want to talk about the dangers of "I already know" Syndrome. When you are faced with a new perspective, what's the reaction you have?

Do you approach it with an open mind, curious about the new information discovered… willing to learn?


Do you stick to your beliefs and shut down?

Everyone has belief and value systems, and not everyone is willing to see and adopt different points of view. That's part of the problem with our world. You see, In order to understand others' perspectives, we need to engage with them. Once we have at least engaged, listened, then we can either choose to tweak our own perspective on things OR affirm at our current view.

When we think we've already learned all the lessons, we stop ourselves from receiving new opportunities to grow and elevate to higher levels of understanding. This bubble of "I already know", "I've already heard that", "I already know what this person is going to say "or "how the situation is going to go" is full of very bold assumptions that could very well (and most often do) turn out to be false because.. we can never be 100% sure of what's to come!

For example, A physician mom client I was coaching a few years ago who was suffering from burnout shared that if she could have a different schedule, it would significantly improve her lifestyle. I asked her "Did you request a different schedule?", and she answered me with "No, I already know what they are going to say". She had this assumed answer for YEARS, and the impact is that she put up with a 60-80 hour work week and constant exhaustion. I did however, managed to convince her to go to her boss and make the request. When she asked her higher ups if she could pull back her hours, they said yes. She was so amazed. Can you imagine how many hours of sleep, freedom of time and peace of mind her "I already know" assumption had robbed her?

Look at where you have this "I already know" dialogue happening in your life. Take time to see how much you hesitate when taking new steps in your life, not accepting the fact that there may be new information very different from the one you assumed. Where could it be robbing you of new insights that lead to new opportunities, freedom or peace of mind? Remember, we are all students of life. The biggest Aha moments start with a beginners mind.

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