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The Enormous Power of the Unconscious Mind


What some of you do not know is that I am a master hypnosis and neuro-linguistic (NLP) trainer. In the coming weeks, we are going to unpack what NLP is over the coming weeks and go over the principles. What is the unconscious mind and how does it work?

We are not always conscious of the things that we do

In layman's terms, neuro-linguistic programming is how we are programming our brain based on the internal or external language that we speak. We can do certain things but not be aware of them. We do breathe and blink even if we don't make a lot of effort to do so. Our unconscious mind does that for us. We also have some behaviors that we make unintentionally as we face difficulties. For instance, the minute we panic when there's an emergency.

Changes happen on an unconscious level

While we have a lot of things that we do unconsciously, there are still things that when we consciously try, the more it gets harder to do. In this world with an increasing amount of distraction, a lot of us find it hard to even meditate or focus on what we wanted to be done. And so, it is important for us to allow the unconscious mind to do the things that it knows to do. It is the unconscious mind that helps us do the changes that we make.

The connection between our minds and our words

The language that we speak to ourselves either those that we put on our lips or those that we permit in our brains affects our capacity to achieve the goals that we've set. We are often conscious of our intentions but it is the unconscious mind that helps us make a change.

We can talk to the conscious mind and at the same time discuss with the unconscious mind the things that it wants to be done which take place in language. 

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