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The Power of the Unconscious Mind


There's a constant interaction within ourselves, between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Both these parts play an important role in influencing our behavior and perspective.

So, what the difference between them and what role do they play shaping us?

The Conscious Mind 

The conscious mind involves all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about. This is a part of out mental space that we can access, think, and talk about rationally.

We are aware.

The Unconscious Mind 

The unconscious is the repository of automatic skills, feelings, thoughts, urges, or even actions that are outside of our conscious awareness. We can also see it as the drawer where we store all our memories and past experiences, from which our beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed.

It's the storehouse of all our deep seated emotions, programmed. Our true selves.

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