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3 Things I Learned from TED Part 2

Last week, I shared with you the first lesson I took from this TEDx Process. Like I said, when I started this process, I had no clue what to expect.  I knew I'd be outside of my comfort zone, but I had NO IDEA how far out it would be… But I was reminded in this process that

The golden experience of life lives outside of the comfort zone. 

Here's the thing...

We can only fathom what we've already experienced. Therefore, we can only do the work on those things we have fathomed in the past. However, there is so much more to fathom that we are unaware of.  I could not have had the experience of growth, development, support and love from my community, had I not been willing to step outside of my comfort zone. 

Outside of the comfort zone is where miracles happen... where dreams become reality. This certainly was a dream-made reality for me.. and guess what? 

Now that it's over, I'm expecting to be pushed outside the zone even more.

How about you? 

What are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone for?  What do you have at stake?  What dreams do you still have that are unfulfilled?

Reflect this week on where you are and are not stepping outside of your comfort zone… and I'd love to hear your reflection.

Look out for Part 3 (the final reflection on what I learned) next week.

PS. And of course, if you need help dealing with any of those beliefs keeping you from stepping outside of your comfort zone and into your power… you know what to do! Hit me up. Click Here to Schedule a Mind ReMapping Training Interest Call

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Monday, 24 June 2024