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3 Things I Learned from TED Part 1


As you know, I made my debut on the TEDx Stage in Asheville NC. It was definitely a bucket list item. Truly the last few months has been an amazing journey and a whirlwind process. I learned so much, that I felt it was essential to share few lessons I learned with you. There are countless lessons I took away, and I'd be writing emails for days trying to share them all, so I'll limit it to three for now….

Here's the first ....

No matter how much work you have done on and with yourself, there is always growth to be had.

I walked into this process not knowing at all what I was getting myself into. 

I've spoken on many stages, often for generous honoraria, but when I walked into that first TED workshop, I was in pre-school as far as I'm concerned....a beginner's mind. I believe that keeping in mind that no matter how "experienced" I was, I could always learn more helped me to surrender to the process with relative ease (and little resistance).

Here's the thing, I often see people who steep themselves self-help (while calling it personal development) who become overconfident in their self-knowledge. The truth is, when we stop seeking growth & development, we die… We die emotionally, spiritually, and mentally (and eventually physically too).

To think we have arrived is an arrogant place to stand. 

So, I kept a beginner's mind... Even when it came to exploring who I was in this process…

What in life are you trying to accomplish that you could take a beginner's mind?

What do you need to surrender yourself to in order to grow and expand to the next level?

What beliefs are you battling that may be stopping you?

I'd love to hear your thoughts… perhaps my experience can be a reflection point for you to explore this next week.

Stay tuned for my next email when I share my Lesson #2.

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