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Does NLP Work?


A question I am frequently asked, is "How does NLP work?" I believe that beneath that question is usually a deeper question "does NLP actually work?" I could tell you that I have hundreds of clients that would say yes based on their personal experience. I could also tell you that I have dozens of students that would say yes based on not only their personal experience, but their experience with using these tools in their work, and in their day-to-day lives. However, me telling you what others have said is not as important as you understanding how neurolinguistic programming works. So let me show you.

Every day go through life we encounter obstacles. However different people view obstacles in many ways. Some people are very attached to their obstacles and wear them like a badge of honor. Some people feel that their obstacles are happening to them, and they absolutely have no choice or control the matter. Some people even create obstacles in order to avoid dealing with certain things in their lives or taking action in areas that they know would make a difference. We call that self-sabotage. Finally, some people do not see obstacles as a problem at all. They simply see them as a bridge to creating new and innovative solutions. The view of the obstacle will determine how one will interpret and therefore handle the obstacle or problem that arises. 

One who does not have an NLP mind may not have access to the internal resources to be empowered to deal with their obstacles and problems in a way that disappeared them quickly. The benefits of learning NLP is that it gives you access to higher levels of problem solving by giving you access to new internal language that can connect you to the part of you that knows what to do, who to ask, or what resources to look for to solve the problem. In essence, it expands your ability to be flexible and creative in any given moment so that obstacles no longer seem like big problems anymore.

How do we do this? NLP Training helps you to understand the unconscious (or some call it sub-conscious) mind so you can get why you do the things you do and be able to reprogram them by using language consciously to produce new outcomes in your life. There are also specific tools (like timeline therapy also spelled time line therapy) that help to remove old stuck negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that get in the way of us feeling empowered.NLP training helps you to be able to eliminate procrastination, and change your emotional state at any time for the circumstance needed.

How amazing would it be to have that much control over your life, your results, and your communication with others?These are just a few of the benefits of NLP.

Experience the benefits of NLP and having an NLP mind. Learn more about becoming NLP certified, and about our NLP Coaching and NLP training programs by visiting www.mindremappingacademy.com

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